I Help Women Look Good in a Bikini Through Mind, Nutrition & Toning in Just 12 Weeks

Hi I'm Adrianna Steppe, a Certified Nutritionist, Life Coach, Personal Trainer and a 3rd Runner-up in Bikini at the World Championships Fitness Competition.

I'm here to help you on your journey to finally fight the flab and get a dream body where you can feel sensuous in yourself, confident in ANY clothes as well as super confident in your bikini..

Nothing can hold you back now; I have developed my bespoke programme just for women like you; to break through all barriers like I have and see permanent change.

It's fair to say though that I had quite an unsettled upbringing. I want to tell you my story so you can relate and maybe see how similar we really are.

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As a child, my family moved from South Africa to Israel and and I remember having to leave Israel during the Israeli Gulf War to head back to South Africa for safety. I remember this move in particular as it was when we were back in South Africa that our Dad left us for good; I was only 10 and my world fell part.

Yep it was a lot to cope with as a kid; all the moving and then my father leaving. It was at that point I developed a funny relationship with food. Looking back, maybe I was searching for answers or trying to fill a hole in my life.

I had spates of not eating at all to then overeating and bingeing out on all the wrong foods; my body weight seemed to be all over the place and my confidence was at an all time low.

After my unsettling upbringing, I met my husband but I was soon to realise that I had made the wrong choice. You know what it's like at the start of any relationship; you think it is tulips and daffodils for ever more but after the second child, the weeds started to set in. I became extremely unhappy..

I was not in a good place and became so overwhelmed with a lack of self-esteem due to the hurtful things he used to say. I put myself at the bottom of the pile and didn't really take any care of my diet or exercise and not only did my body show the signs of this neglect but also my mental state took a battering too.

I remember getting pregnant with my 4th child and wondering what have I got myself into again.. I seemed to be digging myself deeper and deeper into this relationship the more children I had!

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I finally found the courage somehow when I was 6 months pregnant with my 4th child to leave. It had become unbearable. Friends and family thought I was kinda crazy with another one on the way and leaving my husband but they did not have to live under that control. I had finally broke..

After having my fourth child on my own, even though that was tough, I had the mental freedom to think about me. Don’t get me wrong, having 4 kids is not easy on your own and it places heavy demands on your time and attention but somehow in between it all I did find time for me.  I no longer had that controlling force following me around and I felt mentally free for the first time in all of my life.

Just like most women, I had tried every which way to lose the flab permanently but had failed. I started learning and delving into mindset and on top of that, I became a certified nutritionist as well as a life coach. It all became so addictive when I could see this Blueprint open up in front of me that finally worked! it was almost like I had rewired my brain.

All those years of fighting the flab and my weight going up and down like a yo-yo, I ended up competing in a local Fitness & Bikini competition and was placed in 3rd position out of many. Oh boy was I ADDICTED!!

I then ended up competing and placed 3rd in Bikini at the World Championships. I was breaking all my barriers! I featured in 2 well known magazines; Inside Fitness and D’Fyne Fitness as well as starting to undertake modelling shoots for marketing.

I am now proud to have founded my heart-centered Program & Blueprint, "Look Good in a Bikini", where I have created a safe haven where hundreds of women just like you can finally achieve their goal of feeling trim, in shape, fit, healthy, energized and confident.

Through my successful Coaching and Online Programs, I can help you to learn everlasting change and grow within you a feeling of power, self love and pure, oozing confidence.

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