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Hi, I’m Adriana Steppe!

  • Want To Know The Simple Secrets Of How To Look Good In a Bikini?

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  • Are you finally willing to forget all the fad diets and programs that you have tried and failed in the past?

A Little About My Journey

I Am Just Like You

I’m a Certified Nutritionist through Precision Nutrition. My passion has always been holistic health and wellness and I strive to constantly learn more, keep up with trends and try to be on the forefront of how we can feel better. As a busy mom of 4, I understand the pressures of daily life and trying to stay motivated enough to take care of yourself. Together we can find sustainable ways for you to become the healthiest version of yourself. I will guide you toward a healthier lifestyle to achieve your personal goals.

I understand the struggles many women experience. I have been blessed with four wonderful children, who have been my world and focus for most of my adult life. As grateful as I am, I realized that I was working so hard to be the best mother, daughter, sister, auntie, friend..(you get the idea) I could be that I lost myself in the process. I was ensuring everyone else was getting good nutrition and care, but somehow forgot about myself. I needed to reboot, re-energize and get back to my own health so I could still perform all those roles, but feel better about myself in the process. That is how I began my own journey and why I have a passion today for the work I do.

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Adriana Steppe

World Champion Bikini Model & Certified Nutritionist

Adrianna is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist, fitness trainer and mental wellness coach! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Adrianna’s genuine care and concern for her clients is evident in all aspects of her planning as she always put their needs and requests at the forefront. She firmly believes in eating right and is great at recommending nutritional supplements to help support the plans she prepares. Working with being mindful and strengthening mental wellness is something that Adrianna helped to build and support me through. Adrianna provides easy and adaptable fitness plans that work with her meal plans. Adrianna’s encouragement to maintaining personal health goals and living a happier, healthier, stronger and longer life is something that I am extremely grateful for.


My Client's Success Stories!​


I have seen Adriana a few times for nutrition. First was for my fitness competition and the second time was to get me back on track with eating properly again as I sort of fell off the wagon. Lol Adriana is very knowledgeable and my body reacted very well with everything she gave me including vitamins I noticed instantly more energy , my face clearing up and more powerful. It is amazing if you eat properly and enough of the right things how amazing it can make you feel.

Thanks Adriana for helping me feel great again!!!


I was lucky enough to come across Adriana’s contact information while I was searching for a coach for a bikini competition I wanted to do. I had a lot of work to do and Adriana was more than ready for the challenge. Adriana’s meal and exercise plans were on point, in 5 months taking me from a fluffy 140lbs to a chiseled 114lbs show day. For the first time in my life I saw my abs!! Adriana was attentive to my questions, did weekly check ins and was always understanding if I had a slip up in my diet (which wasn’t often because her meal plans were delicious). She was a constant accountability partner, and I could not have stepped on that stage without her help. I would recommend Adriana to anyone who has goals set for getting into a healthy mind set, and challenging themselves physically and mentally. She took care in making sure I lost the weight and gained the muscle in a safe way so that the competition did not affect my health in a negative way.

Thank you Adriana, I hope I will get to work with you again!!


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